Saturday, January 4, 2014

The system isn't broken, there are cogs in the wheel

Most of our residents of for-profit institutions are doing well. Carefully looked after by hard-working staff, they have clean beds, hot meals, and daily activities.

The system works, there are inconsistencies, and situations where there beds are full, or isolated incidents of abuse, but if everyone did their jobs, we'd be home free. This includes reporting situations before they get to be dangerous. This includes speaking truth to power. This also means that we need whistleblowers to be safe. This means that those who refuse to do their jobs properly must face consequences. This also means that the government must hold institutions accountable. These for-profit retirement homes and long-term care (LTC) homes, must be held to standards. This means administrators who refuse to deal with situations must be fired. Abuse is terribly difficult to be proven, in some situations, but when it does occur, employees must be dealt with harshly.
Having reported my late father's physician to the College of Physicians and surgeons, I found great relief that other residents, in pain, would have a physician to respond and come to the aid of failing residents.

 I have found that the individuals within the system are most at fault. This doctor should lose her licence.

This was written on Facebook by a PSW who is recognizing where the faults lie:

The LTC I work at has seniors that need medical attention for uti's (Urinary Tract Infections). The doctor filling in for the regular doctor refuses to come in and treat our residents. When the nurse asked about admitting to hospital she refused too. 
The nurses are soooo pissed, as are we psw's (personal support workers). And, don't worry..., this doctor is being reported. 
But what happens will depend on the higher ups. I will bet that NOTHING will happen.... They will justify somehow that there was no reason for her to come in and make the residents feel better. Two are really sick with the uti's.

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