Saturday, January 25, 2014

PSW Wages in Ontario 2014

Wages vary depending upon experience, your employer, and your location. Since 70% of home
and community care is delivered by a personal support worker (PSW).

Hourly - you can expect between $12.00 - $19.70/hour.
Annual pay - $24,702 -  $41,335.

The range in pay depends upon the employer, if you work in homes, or whether you are employed full-time and unionised:

Government LTC - $21.74 -  23.17/hour.
Private LTC $18.88 - $20/hour.
Home Care - through an agency (Red Cross, and other TPAs) $15/hour, 30 hours/week.

Some PSWs receive mileage, but put in many long hours travelling from private home to private home.

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