Thursday, January 30, 2014

PART XV: Pain assessment post surgery

I have written much about keeping on top of pain. In my husband's case, with 8 incisions from his robotic surgery, his neck and tail bone are more sore than the incisions!

That said, you have to be relaxed and comfortable, in order to heal. He's been walking about a bit. I've been writing down when he takes his pills, since it is easy to forget. Also, he has to take bowel softeners. He didn't eat anything all day, the say of his surgery. He had fluids that night. Yesterday and today, he's been having normal foods, with some extra fibre-rich foods. Protein is needing for tissue repair. He had a good night, the cats were happy to sleep beside him and keep him warm.

Here are some assessment tools to help the patient and caregiver.

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My pain diary 2

My pain diary 1

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