Sunday, November 24, 2013

Research long-term care homes before you choose one

It is vital that you check them out, especially checking the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) reports. (View Reports on Long-Term Care Homes / Locate a Home 
Search for reports in the news, too. They do not celebrate the good ones, nor staff who go beyond their work, giving their all to our vulnerable seniors. If it bleeds, it leads.
Mabel and friend in LTC

There are many excellent long-term care homes! 

Please don't call them nursing homes any more. Nurses are few and far between. Most of the work is carried out by personal support workers.

What frustrates me, is that a home with many violent incidents is not closed, nor penalized. These for-profit 'homes' continue to understaff, at government levels of funding, despite having severely violent residents. They receive reports, they prove to the MOHLTC that they are working on the problem, but this doesn't always results in true improvements.
Fashion show in LTC

As with many homes, most of the residents are calm, facing chronic care issues requiring extra assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), and relatively normal mental health status. It is the extreme case, with mentally ill resident integrated with non-violent ones, who face violence, injuries and even death.

Much can be done. As with special needs students, who qualify for extra funding, and more human support, special needs residents should have a higher staff-resident ratio, paid for by the for-profit or the government, but somebody needs to identify these high-risk individuals and find special placements, with highly-trained staff. They need physicians who are geriatric specialists, nurses, and personal support workers (PSW) who are trained in non-violent crisis intervention. This is how we handled violent children in schools. This is how we should manage violent residents.

More suspected abuse at Wexford Residence nursing home

New Ontario inspection report shows other incidents of suspected resident-on-resident physical and sexual abuse at the Wexford Residence, a long-term care home where a 72-year-old woman was beaten to death last March.
Wexford house

A total of 7 resident-on-resident abuse incidents — 4 involving physical abuse and 3 of suspected sexual abuse — were reported by The Wexford Residence between April and July, following the March 13 beating death of a 72-year-old woman. A 72-year-old male resident has been charged.
An Oct. 8 inspection report cited these latest incidents or complaints, noting in several cases there was no documented evidence police, family members or physicians were properly notified.

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