Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Alberta proclaims law creating advocate to help people navigate the healthcare system

Everyone is talking about improving healthcare.


Health Comes Home, Part 2: A Conversation about Aging and Chronic Care. It loo

ks to the future - a time when the Baby Boomer generation has turned 80 – and Ontario's health system will need to be equipped to meet the needs of more people with chronic health conditions and seniors with increasingly complex health needs will want to stay at home for as long as possible.

In an interesting development, which follows other provinces,
Alberta will have three advocates to support Albertans navigating healthcare in the province.
Nova Scotia has had patient advocates for women with breast cancer.
Victoria, similarly, has had press on their patient advocates.
The best, of course, is the Alzheimer Society's First Link program.
Patient advocates would be especially important in situations of palliative care. While this falls to the nurse/case manager, someone could be there to provide a bit of support in terms of advocacy, rather than interpreting and managing the healthcare budget.
Patient advocates could balance patient directives, juggle family members, and help the family unit.

Alberta proclaims law creating advocate to help people navigate ...

This is what directs most nursing staff

“All Albertans can count on a home in the health-care system,” said Redford at a downtown Edmonton rehabilitation hospital. ... We have seen seniors suffer from closures of long-term care beds...

The act includes the provision for a charter to enshrine Alberta’s commitment to publicly funded health care under the Canada Health Act. They already have had mental-health patient advocates in Alberta.
All three advocates are to work out of the same office with a total budget of $2 million and will report to Health Minister Fred Horne.
"I expect a lot of their work will be helping with what we call way-finding, pointing people to the right place to get the information they need or to get a question answered," said Horne.
The health advocate will also be responsible for resolving complaints and, if necessary, ask for investigations.
The seniors advocate will be able to ask for reviews into care at seniors facilities.

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