Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Care coordination for patients

As a hospice volunteer and respite worker, I know how much we must be prepared with a plan. Planning is HUGE. Too many are in denial about, for example, dementia.
Another big piece is Disease Trajectory. We can predict the course of diseases, but healthcare remains silent for patients.
Denial, stigma both continue to influence how Canadians respond to health issues.
A husband having colon cancer surgery one weekend, hadn't made plans for care for his 65-year-old wife with dementia. He cannot drive the 50 km home from hospital, her driver's licence has been revoked. Never mind when she becomes incontinent, or agitated, the 4 A's of dementia.

Simple denial and a refusal to seek help for many folks compounds issues. Dementia is unseen and denied by family and friends, as well as those with the symptoms. It breaks my heart.

That said, there are studies that show that this process does not limit hospital admissions.

Care coordination for patients with chronic conditions did not reduce ...

by T Reynolds - ‎2009 Aug; 14(4):123.Care coordination for patients with chronic conditions did not reduce hospital admissions or Medicare costs

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