Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TOUCH THE SPIRIT, Connecting to the Inner World of Dementia

I was sent a timely book by Dr. Deborah A. Forrest. As many of us are aware, dementia symptoms touch many of us. The practical aspects of managing dementia symptoms are similar in the US or Canada. This book is a good resource for us.

TOUCH THE SPIRIT, Connecting to the Inner World of Dementia

We we must remember that the symptoms of this disorder are not the sum total of our loved ones. This is the message Forrest brings us. A clinical psychologist, it is an excellent read, and one that coincides with my point of view.

Too many state, "We're battling cancer." or "We're fighting dementia."
What is more true is that the body is breaking down and the symptoms of dementia and cancer, if fact, illness, are the signposts that guide us. Once we have a diagnosis, we are better able to deal with a treatment plan, or a health management plan. For planning, as I wrote in my review of  Perfect Home for a Long Life, is crucial to dealing as best you can with a failing loved one. Planning ahead, once you have the facts, will make your journey one made with dignity and confidence. My last client, who passed over last month, and his family dealt with his increased dementia with humour, and loving care, to the best of their ability. They bought in to the whole reality, changed what they hoped for (life with dignity, not a cure), and my client had a good death.

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