Monday, August 19, 2013

Research on senior health issues: 4 Ways for Doctors to Avoid Inappropriate Testing

I think that anyone with a good doctor has been doing a good job in preventing and screening and identifying conditions.

Hubby, who went to the doctor, was referred to dietician education, changed his diet, lost 30 lbs. and became a poster boy for good health. The chronic conditions I see as a hospice volunteer and senior's advocate, are all highly preventable with exercise, good diet, alcohol limits, refraining from smoking, proper nutrition, and proper sleep. I think the research needs to come in the form of how and why we cannot change our behaviour especially once our health becomes an issue.
We both exercise. I overeat, although I get good nutrition, and I know it. I need my treats at the end of the week.

Physicians, bad ones, are the barriers in our system. Next comes nurses, who can be biased, negative, and prejudiced. My at-risk clients are those on disability, with chronic disease, lack of nutrition information, with mental health issues. As a whole, we retirees are pretty well off speaking on a biopsychosocial level.

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