Thursday, July 18, 2013

This is what is wrong with healthcare in Ontario

This is what palliative
home care looks like.
I read the headline. She's been convicted of fraud, by not declaring her grandmother dead, and collecting her grandmother's pension benefits for 10 years.
However, she's been hired, as a personal support work (PSW) by the Red Cross in Brockville.
Many Red Cross PSWs go into people's homes, provide intimate care, have access to wallets and other prized possessions.
Is there no police check?
Why isn't there a registry that holds people like this accountable? The registry doesn't even check for credentials, last I heard.

This gives the good PSWs a bad name. Most are hard-working, although unevenly supervised and trained. Some get away with murder.
It also gives permission for those with low or no morals and values, to carry on and take advantage of clients.
This is why there are major flaws in the Home Care model.

Kemptville woman granted final chance to repay $140,000 in stolen pension benefits

Cheryl Cooper, 45, admitted that she collected her dead grandmother’s pension benefits for almost 10 years.
Her grandmother also received spousal benefits after the death of her husband in November 1990, which were deposited directly into a different account she shared with her granddaughter. Due to an administrative error, the Public Service Pension Centre did not stop the spousal benefit until April 2008.
Cooper pleaded guilty to fraud over $5,000 in May.

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