Friday, May 17, 2013

Physical abuse, lack of integrity, by professional staff

There are huge issues in long-term care. I must say that I have never seen this kind of abuse, nor heard of it in any of the facilities with which I am familiar. It is not the norm, nor is it very common, as all of the personal support workers (PSW) with whom I have worked have been kind, caring people, with integrity and respect for the people for whom they provide intimate care.

Camera Reveals Shocking Abuse in Long-Term Care
The workers were 'suspended'

PSWs have minimum education (gr. 12 with college certificate courses in some cases), and can be poorly trained and are poorly paid, depending upon the employer. There is no requirement for in-service education, although the good employers demand it.
 Perhaps Fleming College should reconsider their partnership.
These staff members need to be fired and blacklisted, although there is no way to track PSWs.
This facility is in Peterborough, Ontario.
Their website says,
St. Joseph's at Fleming is ... a partnership between Marycrest Home of the Aged, Anson House, and Fleming College. A shining new example of excellence in long-term care and a model for future partnerships between long-term care and education, St. Joseph's at Fleming is setting the standard for compassionate care and innovation.

In February CHEX brought you the story of Hellen Macdonald. She suffered severe facial bruising and a broken hip at the hands of another resident of the long term care facility she lives in. Her son was not happy with how the incidents were handled by St. Josephs at Fleming, and the Ministry of Health. Camille Parent could no longer stand by and watch his mother suffer. So he installed a hidden video camera in her room in late April. What the video shows is alarming...

Son wants answers after mother's sudden death

Apr 11, 2013 – Gerry Mason holds a photo of his mother, Elieen Mason, 91, who died yesterday from injuries during an alleged fall at St. Joseph's at Fleming

As paramedics took Gerry Mason’s 91-year-old mother Eileen into the emergency room Sunday morning, her face bruised and bloodied, she told him something that has haunted him ever since.
“She said: ‘Oh, Gerry, look what they did to me,’” Mason said. “That is just echoing in my mind every second.”
Mason is calling for an inquiry into the death of his mother, who was hospitalized Sunday and died Wednesday morning, after she was injured at St. Joseph’s at Fleming, the nursing home where she has lived for about two years.

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Karen said...

This whole situation just horrifies me. I hope and pray there are no situations like this in the LTC home where my father resides. My father told my sister he needed protection. She asked him from who, and he said his lunch companion. One of the nurses heard the conversation and told my sister that she knew who my Dad was talking about. I know there is a man on Dad's unit who is very loud and verbally abusive. I hope and pray he doesn't get physical. All we can do is stay vigilant.