Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mr. Norman Gillies at Lanark Lodge

He giggles at his humorous stories!
Norman Gillies lives in Lanark Lodge. He's 95. He plays the piano, and he paints. He was married 68 years to his wife. Thanks to CTV Ottawa for sending out Joel Haslam to interview another of our wonderful seniors.

Mr. Gillies doesn't sell his paintings. He takes donations in lieu for Lanark Lodge. The paintings are very good!

There is a town, in Beckwith Township, named Gillies Corners. I wonder if this man is related?

I have found that many of my hospice clients have amazing stories to tell. Talk to one of them! You won't be sorry.

Regional Contact: Painting Piano Man

CTV Ottawa: Regional Contact: Painting Piano Man

Joel Haslam meets painter and piano man, Norman Gillies at Lanark Lodge in Perth, Ontario

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