Monday, May 13, 2013

Case Studies - this is what aging looks like #60 - 64

#60 A 70 year old female bereavement client is having surgery on her foot tomorrow. She will be home sometime tomorrow afternoon. She is not getting any CCAC services nor does she have any family living close by. She needs a volunteer to give her a call and a visit to check on her.

 #61 An 80 year old female client living in rural Ontario is in need of a weekly volunteer visitor to assist her with running errands and shopping. She recently had a left hip replacement and is still convalescing at a retirement home. She will probably be there for another week and then she will move back to her apartment. She has multiple health issues including osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, anxiety and depression. The support of her daughter is limited as her daughter works full-time and is supporting a palliative mother-in-law in her home. The client lived in the prairies; taught music (with no papers); played piano; was in a choir; and worked at a library.

 #62 A live-in caregiver needs respite from a volunteer. He is caring for an 84 year old gentleman at the end of his life. The needs of the client for overnight support are bi-weekly basis. The client has colon cancer with metastasis to his liver. He also has metastatic lung cancer. Both he and his wife are receiving medical care in the home. His wife has had 3 brain aneurysms which have left her very immobile and also with aphasia. The volunteer needs to be comfortable providing light assistance transferring the client from his bed to a walker. He does not weigh very much and is currently only tube fed. The volunteer may be needed to provide toileting and/or brief changing assistance. The client is a retired heart surgeon.

#63 A volunteer is needed to visit a 93 year old male client in the hospital. He is very ill with cancer that has metastasized (lung, bowel, bones, spine). He very recently lost his wife of 70 years. He loves to hear stories and tell stories. His mind is very sharp. He sleeps from 2 to 5 p.m. every afternoon and would love a visitor around 5 p.m. over the supper hour through early evening. Now that his pain is being managed, he loves to eat and would also enjoy it if the volunteer brought something to eat as well.  He worked with homing pigeons and did carpentry work, making items for a shop in a museum. His hobby has been his family, organizing picnics, fishing, camping and spending time at the cottage, during a 40-year career. His prognosis was 3 months – a month ago. He is now on the list for long-term care. He has gained a little weight and is hopeful to get to a LTC, but it has a 2-year waiting list. His family is trying to keep him as comfortable as possible in the hospital. It is quite an undertaking as 6 chronic/palliative care beds were closed in the our local hospital this past March.

#64 A volunteer is needed to provide support on a casual basis to an 80 year old man. He lives with his son who is needing some respite. Depending on the weather, the son will be going on a canoe trip this summer. Working with the CCAC, volunteers are needed to fill some afternoon shifts. The client has early dementia and some internal bleeding that is being investigated. He has high blood pressure and peripheral vascular disease. He has glaucoma and macular degeneration. He needs assists with meals and prompting the client to take his medication. The client is not allowed to use the stove.

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