Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rate my hospital - CBC The Fifth Estate

This was an interesting show.
CBCs Fifth Estate. You can watch the full episode here.
Unsurprisingly, the OHA objects.

There were several threads.
1. Hospital ER wait times
2. Mistakes in patient treatment
3. Cause of death: Misidentification or lack of information of cause of death
4. Hospital-acquired superbug infections, and the lack of handwashing and keeping hospitals clean
5. What nurses think of their hospital
6. CEO accountability

What the show demonstrated to me is that hospitals must be accountable. We don't need to resort to litigation to get health care coverage in Canada. We don't need to pay upfront and then apply to a health insurance provider to get our money back. We are entitle to care. Excellent care.

That said, there is no reason why hospitals and CEOs shouldn't be

more transparent and
We should know C-Difficile rates in hospitals. Unfortunately, you cannot always choose your hospital. If you are having surgery, you must go to the hospital at which your surgeon has privileges. I think it debatable whether you can and should choose one in a true emergency.
Yes, there are horror stories about them. As Dr. Brian Goldman says, doctors must admit their mistakes. We shouldn't be shaming them. We should be using the data to improve performance, not punish. Primary Care staff are human and make mistakes. The key is in not making the same mistake twice.
Some hospital are using smartphone apps to keep potential patients informed about wait times.

This, according to one family featured on the show, was a fatal mistake.

Unsurprisingly, the OHA objects: 

The fifth estate’s “Rate My Hospital” Earns an “F”  Read More
Today, Ontario Hospital Association President and CEO Pat Campbell issued the following statement regarding the fifth estate’s “Rate My Hospital” project: “Ontario’s hospitals are the most efficient in Canada, and offer world-class care to 13 million patients every year.

Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that ...
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  1. CBC Rate My Hospital site flooded with rankings ‎- 6 days ago
    The tool went live Wednesday morning, as part of Rate My Hospital, a special project by the fifth estate looking at Canada's hospitals.

Ontario, B.C., Alberta hospitals get the highest number of ratings

In a first for Canada, CBC's the fifth estate has launched an interactive toolthat allows patients to rate the quality of care in their own hospitals. It's part of Rate My Hospital, an in-depth look at hospital performance across the country.

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