Saturday, April 6, 2013

Portraits of home care - our aging population

Provinces, territories may expand home care to deal with aging population

TORONTO — Provinces and territories will likely have to expand home care as a way to deal with the demographic deluge of aging Canadians, two premiers said Friday during a gathering of provincial health ministers. An aging population was at the top of the working group's agenda as a major concern because it's consuming more and more health-care dollars, said P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz.

What is wrong with this world? Surely our aging population deserves the best care possible.

Ontario has funding for home care, but it is limited. Other barriers include lack of home care Primary staff: nurses and physicians to make house calls.

Portraits of Home Care study says that the per capita amount spent on citizen amounts to $3,957, with only $159 for home care. The report says 1.4 million Canadians access home care services in 2011, which is up 55% from 2008. It is better for us, if you can be discharged or remain at home, but it isn't cheap, and personal support workers are poorly paid. It is hard to keep them, hard to train them, hard to find good ones for lesser paid home care services.

Portraits of Home Care in Canada 2013 (Portraits 2013), the signature publication of the Canadian Home Care Association (CHCA) is a unique profile of the home care sector that illustrates the provincial, territorial and federally funded home care programs in Canada. 
Understand the complexities of the home care sector and its’ vital role in an integrated, person-centred health care system.
The Executive Précis highlights similarities, differences, trends, and strategic directions of home care programs across Canada.

Truth be told, it is still safer to be at home. Read this story: nurses mixing up meds:

Even A Doctor Can’t Keep His Father Safe In The Hospital

In the meantime, we send $300 million overseas to people who cannot treat one another with respect.

Baird non-committal on renewing $300M Palestinian aid funding ...

Mar 28, 2013 – OTTAWA -- Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird is making no promises to renew Canada's $300 million in aid spending for the Palestinians.

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