Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How to apply for long-term care in Ontario

Making a decision to go into long-term care can be a difficult one.
Preparing ahead is important. Seniors are more likely to accept a long-term care placement if they are mentally prepared for it, realize the reasons for it, and the family has worked with each other to co-operate. The senior's safety is of utmost importance. Many are unsafe at home, where their needs cannot be met. The myth is that all can remain at home. This is not true or recommended! Many of my hospice clients are determined to die in their own homes, and they burn out caregivers who are unable to cope. There are many barriers to getting adequate home care and dying with dignity.

The video, below, explains how to apply in Mississauga Halton, but the process is the same across the province. The only way in, is to arrange it through CCAC.

You may choose up to five placements. How you choose is based on personal preferences such as:

  • Proximity to family
  • Do they have pets? 
  • What is the food like? (Read about Ottawa food inspection reports)
  • Some facilities have birds, cats, dogs, fish? 
  • Is there a courtyard or gardens? 
  • Can they meet the needs of the resident based on their health trajectory (e.g., do they have increasing dementia, frailty, chronic care issues?)

Firstly, make an appointment to tour the homes. Read the inspection reports.
You can find them listed here:
View Reports on Long-Term Care Homes / Locate a Home.
For more information: Frequently asked questions on the Ontario Government website.
Prepare a list of needs before you go:
Concerned Friends offers a 9-page booklet in PDF, To help families choose a long-term care home that fits their needs: questions to ask, and things to look for when you are touring a home.

The process

Capacity for decision-making is assessed by the CCAC Case Manager.
The physician is contacted.
If your application is accepted, the information is sent to long-term care facilities. The bed offer details are sent to the client or their decision-maker.
Then, they have to make a decision within 24 hours to decide.

Read about Ottawa food inspection reports)

Video Tours of Mississauga Halton Long-Term Care Facilities

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