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Chronic diseases: arthritis and neutricuticals

I have been slowly feeling arthritis in my hands. It began a year ago in my baby fingers. It is getting worse. A trip to the GP didn't help. I asked if there was anything he could suggest and I could do.
Apparently not now, while it is relatively mild.
I posted to Facebook status, that I was in pain and seeking the comfort of friends. I have many friends, as well as clients, with advanced stages of the disease. They juggle prescriptions.

You know what it is like: cramped fingers, pain, canes, swollen joints. My late aunt had rheumatoid arthritis.
The term arthritis (“arthro” meaning joint, “itis” meaning inflammation) is used to refer to more than 100 related conditions.  More than 10 per cent of Canadian adults are affected by OA, which is the most prevalent type of arthritis. More...
I pay several hundred dollars a month to have a prescription drug plan, but at this stage, I can only manage symptoms with over-the-counter muscle pain killers.
My friends came through for me, though.
Do you know who are the best at managing arthritis symptoms (swelling, pain) with simple solutions?
Veterinarians and Horse Whisperers.
As always, solutions are found for those who invest in racehorses, those with the money for research and a will to help with inexpensive medications and salves. The pharmaceuticals aren't interested in this. The doctors aren't in the know.

Horses have pioneered things like shock wave therapy, cryo-surgery, magnetic therapy, etc.
Racehorses, a huge investment for those with the big bucks, cannot run on drugs that will test positive. Much time and energy has been spent in researching neutricuticals. It seems counterintuitive, how we treat animals better than people. At least we have learned from this.
As always, check with your pharmacist to ensure it isn't contraindicated with any other medications. They are far better at this than your physician! I fully maintain that doctors are the kinks in our system.

MSM is methyl sulfonomethane -- you can get it at the drugstore, non prescription, considered a neutricutical not a drug, and fine unless you have a sulpher allergy. It is an anti inflammatory, that either works wonders or does nothing at all. One discovers if it is helping by taking it for a few weeks. It has been like a magic bullet for some of the horses here.

 Glucosamine and chondroitin are the building blocks that let the joints heal -- despite all that stuff about not being able to heal cartilage, it is not strictly true, but getting sufficient glucosamine and chondroitin into the diet can be an issue, so these two, in combination, can get to work once the inflammation is knocked down -- hence the MSM.

 Hylauronic Acid is the synovial fluid that fills up the joints and prevents cartilage from touching cartilage -- it holds the joint open, if you will, and over time and with arthritis thins it down. Once upon a time it had to be administered via an injection directyly into the joint. Now they have a type that can be taken orally and absorbed, although there is some discussion around how much gets absorbed. It is NOT a steroid, it is natural joint fluid.

 Also, the hot pepper cream -- capsicum. You start by putting it on 4 X a day, then gradually you can reduce to 3, then 2, then once daily. It can bring a lot of pain relief because the capsicum puts the nerve endings into an overdrive, and then they just stop firing. Just be careful, because while it is not toxic, if you apply it liberally to your, say, wrist and hands, and then forget and rub your eye, you will be running for the cold water tap because it will bloody sting!!!

The Canadian Arthritis Network – Annual Report 2012

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