Sunday, April 7, 2013

Activities for people with dementia

Here is an excellent article about activities for those with dementia. It comes
from Australia! While there is lots written about it, these are just a few ideas from the article.

Information about planning and providing appropriate activities for people with dementia.

Don’t over stimulate.
Be selective with outings.
Avoid crowds, constant movement and noise which many people with dementia find overwhelming. Allow an emotional outlet.
For many people, music or contact with babies, children or animals provide positive feelings. Memories of past events are often kept and looking through old photos, memorabilia and books enables the recall of earlier times.
The opportunity to relive treasured moments can be deeply satisfying.
If reading skills have deteriorated make individual audiotapes.
Locate picture books and magazines in the person’s areas of interest.
Include sensory experiences. Some sensory experiences that may be enjoyed are:
  • Hand, neck and foot massage
  • Hair brushing
  • Smelling fresh flowers or pot pourri
  • Using fragrant essential oils
  • Stroking an animal or different textured materials
  • A visit to a herb farm or a flower show
  • Provide a rummage box that contains things that the person has been interested in.

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