Saturday, March 9, 2013

Caregiver Schedule - how to plan

As a volunteer, I give respite to families who are sitting with an ill family member. Sometimes I will help them as an advocate. Primarily, though, I go in to assist when they need to be out of the home, or hospital room, and want someone to be there.

I have been frustrated working with some families. They don't seem to know when caregivers are going to be present. They may
not communicate well, and are unable to plan ahead to ensure that a loved one is cared for.

Some dysfunctional families cannot seem to work with one another in planning for their loved one's simple needs. Some are unable to change an adult brief. Some can provide nail and footcare, others must call in the professionals. Giving haircuts at home, or washing their hair can be a troubling issue. A loved one may insist on dying at home, yet those with complex care needs, and an inability to provide assistance with these ADLs can be troubling for adult siblings.

Trust is a big issue. With the stress caregiving causes, some may say things they regret. I still have cousins who aren't speaking to me for one reason or another.They wanted me to change the date of my late mother's funeral and we couldn't accommodate them. Another phoned me up and told me I needed to clean my mother's bathroom, three days after she passed over.

I have created this schedule, a template for families to organize who will be present at the bedside of a loved one. For a PDF file click here. If you find this useful, consider a donation to your local hospice.

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