Thursday, February 21, 2013

Want Improved Healthcare Performance? Treat Canadian Doctors Like Finnish Teachers

This is an excellent article. Want Improved Healthcare Performance? What it boils down to is individual physicians taking responsibility for their part in the system.
They need to become key players in the HEALTHCARE TEAM. The system isn't broken, despite individuals calling for huge system changes. The system works when all stakeholders do their part.

Nurses complain about diva doctors. PSWs complain about nurses. The PSWs, who spend the most time with patients, have a limited amount of non-standard training, a gr. 12 education, and are poorly paid.

There are too many divas, and those with prima donna mindsets, who are unable to work within a team, to assist patients in getting the best treatments, using research-based data to shape their practices. Long-term care, where we keep our most vulnerable and at-risk patients, are practically ignored by doctors. Doctors are unable to manage complex comorbidities, and fail to spend enough time with patients.

My friend, Michele, for example, with spinal stenosis and arthritis, lives as a paraplegic in her LTC. Her physician doesn't understand research-based pain management, for those with neuromuscular disease. Her morphine isn't managing her pain any more. She is unable to visit a larger facility, a Pain Management Clinic, for example, in larger cities. See Opioids can make pain worse

We need excellent doctors to influence colleagues, and treat patients with respect. We need them to keep informed about best practices, using the many print, internet and innovation portals available.
See: Health Innovation Portal 

Here is an excerpt of this article:

As the quality and safety movement gathers steam, there are calls for more measurement, public reporting, practice profiling, and accountability. I sing in that choir. But I realize that they will accomplish only so much if they are mere overlays on an unyielding professional culture. We have a long way to go, still mired in a non-system populated by demoralized doctors who work in relative isolation from each other and other professions, unaware of their own practice idiosyncrasies and oblivious to the harms they may cause. 

For their part, doctors will have to fully join the system, embrace data-driven, patient-centred care, abandon payment methods that wring the creativity and empathy out of their practices, and organize their work to be joyous, collegial, and effective. Cultural transformation is hard work, but deserves a fight to the Finnish. 

About the Health Innovation Portal 

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