Monday, February 25, 2013

LTC Home complaints

I believe in lauding the good LTC homes. We must share best practices. We can also learn from the bad ones.
Here is a guest post, and a Case Study in point. It's about quality care.

I filed a complaint with the Ministry of Long-Term Care a week after mom died and heard back from them today.  It was no surprise that St Joseph's Villa was found in non-compliance in areas of medication, plan of care and nutrition and hydration.  Mom died of severe septic shock. A simple UTI that was not diagnosed, she was not given fluids, was left to her own "bedridden" devices and was finally hospitalized in severe pain and dehydration.  The doctor at the hospital that pronounced said that she was so dehydrated and poisoned that he did not think she would be able to recover. He was certainly right. It was a horrible painful death that could have been avoided altogether.

Our health system for the elderly needs a complete overhaul.  The changes that were made in 2010 do not begin to address the issues that are found in nursing homes. It is a business, a money-making business and although there are some good staff, even with good staff these incidents continue to occur in great numbers. The is only a very small part of the story regarding my mom.  She was also abused at the same home a month prior, and 3 weeks prior had a heart attack and as my husband and I were dealing with mom, the nurses and PSW's had "no idea mom had a heart condition", despite the myriad of heart drugs she was on. Even the ambulance attendants could not believe how uninformed the staff were. They were not able to answer any questions pertaining to my mom's health, despite the fact that these were the same nurses that were dispensing meds to mom for over a year. Would you not think they would know the indications for the medications they were dispensing?

I believe in quality not quantity and dying with dignity.  My mom was not afforded this right.  

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