Wednesday, January 23, 2013


There are several place where caregivers can find support. It is important to find a group to network with but that can be tricky. I have written about these before. Caregiver Support Groups. However, in my case by the time I checked on my mother, drove into work and came home to check on her again, made dinner, and tried to relax, I was wiped out.

I would have benefitted from an on-line group, I think. I have found two. The key is to find a forum where it applies to your healthcare system. Canadian healthcare differs from province to province. One example is concierge healthcare, popular in the US. 
Canadian healthcare is quite different from US-based systems. Our Canadian system is based on Universal healthcare, not on insurance companies who control who get coverage.

Discussion Forums

Many people facing anxiety have found support in online Discussion Forums, where they can connect anonymously with others in similar situations. Here’s what members are talking about now:

This one, also features a Caregiver Support Forum, but the information is specific to the USA's healthcare in terms of access to care. You can read about the differences between US and Canadian healthcare here.

Then in the UK:

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