Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Press Release: Dying With Dignity

Quebec One Step Closer to Medical Aid in Dying

An expert judicial panel appointed by the government of Quebec released their report yesterday. This report moves the province one step closer to legalized medical aid-in-dying by the summer of 2013.
At issue is the fact that the right to medical aid-in-dying is currently prohibited by the Criminal Code which is federal legislation and thus cannot be amended by any province.

However, while criminal law is set at a federal level, it is up to the provinces to write and administer healthcare legislation. Thus the panel recommends that Quebec introduce new healthcare legislation that will allow specific exemptions to the Criminal Code for doctors who provide medical assistance for someone to die.  
Any exemption will be contingent on doctors following a strict set of guidelines so that the weak and vulnerable will also be protected.  
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Wanda Morris
Executive Director  |  Dying With Dignity Canada

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