Monday, January 14, 2013

Ontario Government looking to cut healthcare costs

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The government is looking at finding ways to save money in healthcare. They plan a co-payment system for its Ontario Drug Benefit Program beginning in August, 2014. People who have turned age 65, and those on social assistance, are benefitting from taxpayers to the tune of $4.4 billion. Truly, those on social assistance should be taken care of, but those 5% of seniors whose incomes are over $100,000, or those, like me, who pay for drug plans, should be paying their fair share. They estimate this will save the government $30 million.

Ontario turns to seniors to help curb care costs - Globe and Mail
Such a system would apply to the 5 per cent of seniors with the highest incomes – more than $100,000 for a single person and more than $160,000 for couples. The cash-strapped government says it would help to curb growing health-care costs and, at the same time, provide better care for older Ontarians.

Living Longer, Living Well by Dr. Samir Sinha (PDF)
Dr. Sinha says the province’s aging population is creating enormous challenges for the province, at a time when it is struggling with a $14-billion deficit. Older adults make up only 14.6 per cent of the population in Ontario, the report says, but they account for nearly half of health-care spending. Health care, in turn, accounts for about 44 cents of every $1 the province spends on programs.

Care of the Elderly: Can We Do Better? - Presented by Dr. Samir K. Sinha, MD, Dphil, FRCPC | Provincial Lead, Ontario's Seniors Care Strategy | Director of Geriatrics, Mount Sinai and University Health Network Hospitals

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