Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Home Care Models Depend upon PSWs

But PSWs are badly paid, unequally educated, unaccountable, unregulated and most unregistered across Canada.
Home Care depends upon the proper training and the proper treatment of its workers.

Aging in Place: A vision for home care in New Brunswick

 | JANUARY 14, 2013

For seniors to remain in their home as long as possible, it is critical to ensure home support workers are provided with improved working conditions, so they may provide quality care to those who require the service. It is important to incorporate home support workers under the umbrella of the Regional Health Authorities so that public services are provided with continuity and efficiency. The vast majority of home support workers do not have:
-  Sick leave -  Employee benefits -  A pension plan
-  Guaranteed working hours
-  Appropriate travel allowances -- for some, travel allowances are only 12 cents a kilometre; they are not paid for time spent travelling between clients

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