Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fighting hospital discharge: alternate level of care patients

My friend, Michele, in LTC
A daughter claims that her mother is being abused if the hospital sends her mother to long-term care (LTC) or a retirement home with extra supports. The woman doesn't want to dip into her savings to pay for extra care, since the daughter insists she needs it and beds are not available.
When will this money be used otherwise? When we cannot manage our homes, we must move into more suitable accommodations. Falls are a huge issue with seniors, despite what we know about them, many continue to undertake activities and take risks they cannot manage.

They claim the system is broken. The truth is, the system is working, but our options are to get into a for-profit care of one sort of another. With Home First we can secure an amount of extra support for a month, but it is limited. LTC is often the best situation, but many eschew it. Living in a retirement home, with home care can help, but it is short-term.

 Most of our LTC are for-profit, as are many of the retirement homes in Ontario.
“The pressure on the families is absolutely incredible,” she said. “The problem here isn’t seniors holding up beds. The problem is that the system hasn’t been managed properly and there’s not enough long-term-care homes.” Read more...

When Barbara Korwin was summoned to the Ottawa Hospital for a meeting about her 89-year-old mother, ...

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