Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Case Studies #47 => 57

I provide these for those who train our healthcare workers, who deal daily with the frailties and health issues of our most precious citizens.

47. The client has a very aggressive disease that is similar to Parkinson’s.  She does not converse much at all and spends her time lying on the couch.  It is very difficult for her and her husband as she calls out to her husband every 1-2 hours because she is restless.  She is still alert but fatigued and teary much of the time. The client loves dogs and would welcome a visitor to bring a dog on visits. The client has even bought some dog treats!

48. A hospice volunteer is needed to visit a 65 year old female client in rural Ontario.  This is a back-up placement as the regular volunteer is on vacation for a month. The client is wondering if the volunteer could visit once a week in the afternoon to give her husband a break.  The client has a cancerous brain tumour.  She has had 3 surgeries; 2 recurrences; her left arm is paralyzed and she has lost some use of her left leg. She has had 44 plus rounds of oral chemotherapy which is still ongoing.

49. A volunteer is needed to provide respite for a 78 year old wife.  She has Alzheimer’s disease and he has lung cancer.

 50. A volunteer is needed to visit a 56 year old male client with a palliative brain illness (tumor). Sometimes he sleeps a lot and sometimes he is very alert.  He does not have much mobility. He loves music.  The palliative care nurse tells us that he like people to wake him up so he does not miss a visit.  His wife has had to go back to work and does not get to visit as often.  The best time to visit him is in the afternoon.

51. A 82 year old gentleman.  He has bone cancer.  His daughter asked me if we would have a volunteer to take him for a walk outside on a sunny day.  He loves to sit in the gazebo.  He does not say much but he has quite a sense of humour.

52. A 76 year old female client has just been diagnosed with liver cancer.  She would enjoy playing cards, doing jigsaw puzzles and/or exchanging novels (Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts) with a volunteer.  She does not have a treatment plan yet.

53. A 77 year old male client has metastatic prostate cancer.  He is in his hospital bed most of the time due to spinal cord compression.  He is catheterized and can transfer from bed to walker with light assistance. A volunteer is needed to sit with him while his wife who has Parkinson’s Disease has a break.  The volunteer may also be needed to assist with errands, picking up groceries, etc.  The client was a curler, golfer, enjoyed the outdoors and playing cards.
 54. A 74 year old female client has polymyositis, a neuromuscular disorder that causes muscle weakness.  She is at a high risk for falls. She has had open heart surgery, an aneurysm and fell and broke her shoulder and hip last spring.  She is a smoker.  She uses a walker.  Her husband is away a lot and she is very isolated.
55. This client is in great shape for 92 years old, however, she is going blind.  She is now having a hard time distinguishing colours and doing her weaving which has been a love of hers for a very long time.  She has taught many people to weave and has also made many beautiful stained glass pieces and embroidery pictures.  She is living alone in her own home and wishes to remain there for as long as possible.  She talks a lot about a son she lost years ago to a drunk driver.  Her son was 22 years old when he died.

56. The client immigrated to Canada from England about 70 years ago, after the death of her son.  Her first husband died when her 3 children were very young. Her second husband died in 1995.  While losing her sight, she is becoming more isolated and lonely. A volunteer who is a good listener would do this woman a great service.  She has had an amazing life and so much to share.

57. A volunteer is needed to sit with a 93 year old female client to give her son a break.  He has been her caregiver for 4 years. This client weighs about 60 pounds and is at end-of-life with multiple health issues. She is on many medications, sleeps most of the time, and takes sips of liquids. Her heart failure resulted in a patch.

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