Sunday, September 30, 2012

Preventing Falls - but treat seniors like adults

I read, with horror, a Tweet that tells adult children to senior-proof their parent's bathrooms.
How undignified is this?

Preventing falls comes with education with the senior, not taking over their lives. It arrives with intelligent, respectful conversations with professionals who assist seniors in taking control of their physical environment.
I started to read this post, and got really angry.
Most of us who have cared for senior parents know how much we smack our heads against the walls trying to make changes. Changes in behaviour and attitudes will only happen if a senior is educated as an adult, not treated as a child.
When it comes the times to find a safer environment, many make unsafe choices. Many choose to stay at home.
We've seen equipment installed unsafely, with a stairway crowded by a mobility device that makes Meals on Wheels delivery unsafe. This is a conversation a senior should have with a professional, not an adult child.

5 tips to "Safety-Proof Your Parents' Bathroom" 
 I'd smack my kids upside the heads if they changed my bathroom around!  

Here are some simple solutions for keeping your parents out of harm’s way and safe from slips and falls:
Clear a path 
Evaluate the entry
Slip-proof the floor
Install grab bars
Consider special equipment

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