Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Caregivers' Network Society Newsletter from BC

The September 2012 issue (PDF) of the Network News newsletter is now available on-line.
Some of this newsletter's offerings:

Online Support for Caregivers

Included in this issue:

  • The Power of a Smile
  • Sarcopenia: A Growing Concern About Shrinking
  • Upcoming Tele-Workshops and free Webinars for Caregivers
  • What is the RDSP?
  • SOARing Through a Family Meeting
  • Comprehending Capacity
  • Support Groups and Community Support
A fun time had by all!
Glendora Scarfone
Administration and Caregiver Support
Family Caregivers' Network Society

Community Support for Caregivers in BC, Ontario - check your region for similar programs. No matter the health issue your loved one faces, there are support centres to help you.
BC Schizophrenia Society, Strengthening Families Together Program
We Rage, We Weep Alzheimer Foundation, Project Lifesaver, Arts and Alzheimers
Addiional resources for family caregivers throughout BC can be found at www.familycaregiversnetwork.org under 
Resources/Provincial Resources.

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