Friday, September 7, 2012

Dying with dignity: it should be our choice

Dying With Dignity Canada

Nagui would have been so pleased!

Nagui's dearest wish was that Canada would offer humane end of life options so that no one else would have to suffer as he did.

Nagui Morcos had Huntington Disease, a progressive, incurable muscular degenerative disease and faced the prospect of an unbearable death.  He became a client of DWD so that he could control the nature and timing of his death - and have our support to do so.

Even though the Huntington's was attacking Nagui and ravaging his body, he was nevertheless willing to sacrifice his personal privacy, and share his dwindling energy, to promote the importance of legalizing end of life choice.

Nagui would have been so very pleased to know that CBC's White Coat Black Art is following up last year's award winning story with a second story, including previously unrealesed interviews from both Nagui and his beautiful wife, Jan Crowley.

In addition, Toronto Star reporter Robert Cribb's feature article about Nagui's decision and death has now been released online and will be printed in tomorrow's paper.

Please pass this on to let others know about the news story and to have them tune in to White Coat Black Art on CBC Monday morning, September 12th at 11:30 am on CBC radio one to hear what is bound to be a poignant story - or listen now, Brian Goldman's last interview with Nagui and Jan is now posted on CBC's website.

Want to be part of Nagui's legacy?  His fervent wish was for Dying With Dignity to be come a louder and louder voice until we could no longer be ignored.  Help us be that voice!
Together we can do what we cannot do alone.  Help us help those who face the propsect of unbearable suffering at end of life.
Wanda Morris
Executive Director  |  Dying With Dignity Canada

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