Friday, August 3, 2012

Speak Up: start the conversation about palliative care

Great things are happening in South East Ontario. To read the full bulletin, click here (PDF). It is important we talk about palliative care. Symptom management is a big part of this conversation.
To my experience, assessing symptoms, assessing the state of a patient is as important for the patient as for the caregivers.

Standard regional model for P/EOLC in patients’ homes
 The Supportive Care Model was developed, and then implemented by the South East CCAC
in May 2011.
 Evaluation of the Supportive Care Model is currently underway.
 The interRAI (Resident Assessment Instrument) Palliative Care (PC) and the interRAI Palliative Care Hospice (PC-H)

Assessment Tools were implanted across the SE in January 2012.
 A consistent process - policy, procedure and order form - for pain pumps has been
implemented across the South East.
 Tele-ISAAC is currently being piloted in the Smiths Falls area.
 In progress:
* Development of common Chart in the Home
* Development of regional standardized nursing communication processes/tool

Every LHIN has Pain management consultants.
 Increase of Palliative Pain & Symptom Management Consultants to 3 FTE positions

 2-day retreat for nurses from all nursing agencies held at the Glen House Resort
 Pilot project in partnership with the Brockville & District HPC Service to extend the nurse consultant positions 24/7
 Funding to assist with the implementation of the Symptom Response Kits

Symptom Response Kit Pilot Update
In some hospices, this is a Pain Management Kit.

SRKs are custom made kits including medications & supplies that are made available in the homes of persons who wish to die at home.  A SRK is implemented following a discussion  
between the nurse and physician who identify specific medications that may be needed to facilitate timely pain and symptom management.  The kits prevent unnecessary emergency department  visits, and optimize the person’s quality of life.

          Process Summaries for Primary Care Staff
          Prescription Order Form

For Southeastern Ontario Speak Up events, hospice contacts and more information check the resources section of the website for Southeastern Palliative & End-of-Life Care Network.

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