Saturday, July 7, 2012

What to Look For When Choosing LTC or a Retirement Home

Carole Bursack, a US-based author, published an excellent piece:

What to Look For When Visiting an Elder in Senior Housing

Eye contact, genuine respect for residents, meals, activities, and atmosphere, are only a few of the considerations. Read more...

I have found, volunteering in various LTC, e.g., PCCC, that there is a feeling of fun, respect, and a delight in things like history, music, games, pet therapy, art and crafts.
I laud those who visit and volunteer, sharing their hobbies like Heritage Fashion Show, or quilting

This is a stressful time in a family's life, as it signifies a different stage. Some cannot cope with it, others fight it. Adults making good decisions about their life situation, their ability to take care of their activities of daily living (ADL - preparing meals, cleaning, toileting) or independent activities of daily living (IADL - e.g., banking, shopping), must make mature decisions about how they will ensure that their needs are met.
Dementia is another glitch that can make home life unsafe.

Photos by Jennifer Jilks

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