Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Technology and seniors in the news

What I love to see are people of my generation using technology. The young people mock us, but we've managed to get ourselves out of our rocking chairs, and getting out in the world.
We also have learned to use the Internet to find information on healthcare, as well as for play.

Here is a timely news item:

 Revera, UofT collaborating on technology for seniors
Aim is to identify issues that technology can solve

Ninety-year-old Adrienne Dawson says she can’t imagine how she managed living so long without the Internet.

Dawson isn’t alone. Today, she is among the 27 per cent of Canadians aged 75 and older who are online. And it’s residents like Dawson that Revera will be connecting with through a partnership with the University of Toronto’s Technologies for Aging Gradually Lab (TAGlab) to discover new innovations in technology for senior citizens.

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