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Montessori Methods With Dementia Patients

Here are some great ideas...

Montessori project meaningful for residents and student nurse  
Monday July 9, 2012 -- Lisa BaileyTORONTO - Aafreen Hassan’s passion for nursing deepened with every smile and activity by residents at Leisureworld Caregiving Centre Altamont.

The third-year nursing student from Ryerson led a Montessori project at the long-term care home, working one on one every week with about 10 residents who have varying levels of cognitive challenges.

Using the Montessori principles she researched with program manager Annie MacDonald’s support, Hassan developed hands-on activities for residents to try based on their current needs and past experiences and interests. She aimed to enhance their sensory stimulation, gross motor and other skills, self-expression and social interaction.

Having a sharp brain:

The Ten Habits of Highly Effective Brains

Let’s review some good lifestyle options we can fol­low to main­tain, and improve, our vibrant brains.

Clinical Trials and The Montessori method focuses on an individual's personal strengths, preferences, and abilities to increase a person's participation in facility activities and/or personal self-care, improving their independence and self-esteem. The programming has increased the
residents' participation in activities and gets high marks in staff satisfaction.

Useful resources on Montessori Approach to Caring for the Elderly with Alzheimer's/Dementia
1.  A Different Visit: Activities for Caregivers and their Loved Ones with Memory
Impairments  by Adena Joltin, Cameron J. Camp, Beverly H. Noble, Vincent M.
Antenucci - Montessori-Based Activities for Persons with Dementia, Vol. 1
by Cameron Camp Ph.D., Cameron J. Camp Ph.D.  Dr. Cameron’s radio shows
2. Lost and Found - By Barbara Basler, September 2005 
3. One can download free exercises (PDF Format) to be used with the elderly, from the
AARP web site:
     • Treasure Hunt
     • Face Puzzle
     • Food Drive
     • Tool Match 
4. Articles and Activity Ideas from Caregiving 101 
a. Can Art Help Alzheimer's? by Denise M. Brown
b. A Montessori Intervention by Tom and Karen Brenner
c. Fitness Training for the Mind by Tom and Karen Brenner Montessori Work Helps Elderly with Dementia  
 d. Spiritual Engagement - Montessori Activities by Tom and Karen Brenner

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