Tuesday, July 31, 2012

FIRST MINISTERS MEETING and healthcare, diabetes

Our ministers from across the country are meeting and talking about healthcare.
Interesting, as there is much buzz in the news about the Americans being worried about healthcare insurance, which is not affordable by those without the means to buy it.
The Americans, those with the money to buy healthcare insurance, without pre-existing conditions, or chronic care needs, who earn 6-digit salaries, don't want universal care as they believe it is like Canadian Socialism.
Amputation is often a suggestion for those with
diabetes-related circulation issues.
Many of my clients in LTC have amputations.
I say, if you put all of your money into the pot, share what you have, stand up to the big-bucks pharmaceuticals, you stand a chance.

It is interesting that the Prime Minister refuses to meet with the Premiers:
HALIFAX - Canada's premiers are calling on Prime Minister Stephen ... "Why would a prime minister not want to meet with us on that kind of an issue?"
It's been three years since Harper last met with the premiers.

Perhaps, like many meetings, it is to dictate terms, not collaborate on what is good for the people of this country.
Many, living below the poverty line, suffer from issues like diabetes. Education means fewer health issues, for the most part. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you do not have the time, knowledge or energy to change bad habits. This is why in depressed rural areas, like Smiths Falls, we have many on welfare of disability. Simple prevention of work-related health issues, or cure, through physiotherapy rather than drugs, is beyond the means of many.


Premiers forge own health-care path

Canada’s premiers are taking the lead on health-care reform without direct leadership from Ottawa, a departure from the way the country’s cherished but increasingly expensive system has long been managed.

Needless amputations and diabetes

... to close," he told a news conference Thursday. "We've got to fix that." The premiers ... Of those, there were 118 amputations - 80 per cent of which he said were unnecessary

Around 80% of the 6,000 diabetes-related amputations in England each year ... in the UK are enduring unnecessary foot amputations is ... the Diabetes UK ProfessionalConference 

Jul 27, 2012 · Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall ... close," Wall told a news conference ... Of those, there were 118 amputations - 80 per cent of which he said were unnecessary
The premiers have agreed to bulk buying of pharmaceuticals before, but commitments have floundered in the face of politics and pressure from the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry, which argues bulk buying would drive down profit margins and lead to possible shortages.

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