Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PSWs May 16 was Personal Support Worker Day

I believe they must be regulated, and have better training. Too much harm is done, in my experience, by those who treat all clients the same. My dear friend was denied her food supplement, as requested, as the PSW thought that the rule was she couldn't have her Boost when she wanted it. Kay had lost 30 lbs. with health issues.
Kay is 100% functioning cognitively; she cannot eat solid food.

 PSWs are increasingly providing the majority of direct care services to elderly or ill patients who live in long-term care institutions or who receive home care. Unlike most other health care workers in Ontario, PSWs are not a regulated health care profession, meaning there is no governing body which sets standards for the skills and knowledge needed to practice as a PSW, and the services they can provide. Rather, PSWs have a role standard which says “personal support workers do for a person the things that the person would do for themselves, if they were physically or cognitively able”.

An estimated 57,000 PSWs in Ontario work in the long-term care sector, 26,000 work for agencies that provide community and home care, and about 7,000 provide care in hospitals.

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