Thursday, May 17, 2012

National Physiotherapy Month May 14-18, 2012

LTA takes many to appointments through CCAC.
I took Princess Ducky with me one day!
I ride as a volunteer escort with clients
unable to navigate on their own.
Canadian healthcare is a different situation than our US neighbours. We all have tax money that goes towards paying for our systems. Each province and territory governs its own system, providing for smaller differences. The philosophy is that those with incomes can subsidize those with low income, living in poverty, to help ensure that their basic healthcare needs are met. We all pay a little, to help all of us a lot.

There are many for-profits that are paid to provide care for those who need it: Lanark Transportation Association picks up clients and takes them to city hospital, or rural appointments.
Bayshore Home Health, a company with many employees nationwide, sends PSWs and nurses into the homes of those who might otherwise be Alternate Level Care (ALC) patients in hospital.

God bless my physiotherapists!
 The US has many for-profits, including hospitals. The beauty of our system are non-profit healthcare delivery systems, transfer payment agencies that receive tax dollars to care for the frail, vulnerable and impoverished, as well as those who choose to hire healthcare professionals to make their lives easier.

Onother such agency is Saint Elizabeth
In conjunction with National Physiotherapy Month, Saint Elizabeth, a Canada-wide not-for-profit health care organization, celebrates Physiotherapists Week from May 14-18, 2012.

“Treating people of all ages, physiotherapists perform a variety of roles including helping clients rehabilitate after post-operative injuries and assisting those with neurological disorders,” says Nancy Lefebre, Chief Clinical Executive at Saint Elizabeth. “Saint Elizabeth physiotherapists work in homes and communities across Canada identifying the root cause of problems in order to reduce pain and increase health and wellness for clients.”

Saint Elizabeth has been a trusted name in Canadian health care for more than a century and is a leader in responding to client, family and system needs. As an award-winning not-for-profit and charitable organization, Saint Elizabeth is known for its track record of social innovation and breakthrough clinical practices. Our team of more than 6,500 nurses, rehab therapists, personal support workers and crisis intervention staff deliver nearly five million health care visits annually.

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