Friday, April 13, 2012

Rising Tide: The Impact of Dementia on Canadian Society

On April 12, 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) released Dementia: A Public Health Priority, a much anticipated snapshot of dementia around the globe. The report shows that a new case of dementia is diagnosed every 4 seconds and estimates that the total worldwide cost of dementia in 2010 was $604 billion.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada’s 2010 report, Rising Tide: The Impact of Dementia on Canadian Society, highlights that dementia that will affect 1.1 million Canadians in less than 25 years. The rising economic costs are expected to increase tenfold to $153 billion a year.

In the words of global health expert Dr. Peter Piot, dementia is a ‘ticking time bomb.’

WHO is asking governments around the world to develop a plan using solutions and approaches already adopted by other countries. Already, five of the G7 countries have or have committed to a plan. Canada still hasn't. Why not Canada? 

We need to put Canada on the map! And here’s what you can do to help:
  • Sign up to let us know that you support a national dementia plan!
  • Tell your friends about the report and encourage them to support a national dementia plan for Canada, like you!
  • Visit to learn more about the WHO report and the social and economic impact of dementia on all Canadians.
  • Look forward to updates with new information on dementia in Canada and how you can get involved in the summer, and leading up to World Alzheimer Day on September 21.

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