Friday, April 6, 2012

How Alzheimer’s has changed my life

How Alzheimer’s has changed my life 
From Thursday's Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, Apr. 04, 2012

This is well worth reading. Robin Leckie makes me think of my client in long-term care.
This is all part of the journey, Kay Devlin tells me.

Be positive:
-enjoy family
-enjoy being a passenger
-take time for nature
-let go and let the universe!

In case the GLobe removes it: here is an excerpt.

This morning, I awoke with relief. I had only crashed from my bed to the floor, not been catapulted over a cliff toward my certain death, as my nightmare had promised. My medicated mind was playing tricks again.

I celebrated my 80th birthday last year and still have plans for the future. Alzheimer's is not a death sentence. I never would have chosen it, but now that it has chosen me, I am concerned, but not fearful. We all live finite lives – I am now on a different kind of journey.

I sometimes think this is my sunset time. The bright light of day is passing and darkness lies ahead. I do not know what the dawn will bring. But right now, in this moment, I am thankful my life is full.

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