Sunday, March 11, 2012

Storyboards in hospitals

This from the CPSI Improving Care Bulletin (PDF)

Congratulations are also in order to Toronto East General Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital for using a personal story board poster tool to humanize the patient experience. The concept of MY Story began at California’s St. Jude Medical Center in 2004 and was in turn replicated by both Toronto hospitals. “It helps to remind everybody of the person, not the diagnosis,” says Diana Sepko, Child Life Specialist at Toronto East General Hospital. Kerry-Anne Caissie of St. Michael’s Hospital adds, “We want the nurses to engage with the patient and the family and to learn something about them.

I was curious and did a bit more research.

The storyboard is a tool derived from the cinematographic tradition; it is the representation of use cases through a series of drawings or pictures, put together in a narrative sequence.The service storyboard shows the manifestation of every touchpoints and the relationships between them and the user in the creation of the experience.
(1990) L. Vertelney, G. Curtis, Storyboards and Sketch Prototypes for Rapid Interface Visualisation, CHI Tutorial.

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