Saturday, March 24, 2012

Seniors at risk for falls

I was reading about falls. It is the one thing that predicts seniors at risk for further health issues. Convincing seniors they are at risk is as hard as convincing young drivers to take it easy!
"Every 17 seconds an elderly person is taken to the ER because of a fall."


Families with aging relatives on limited incomes can take a number if they want to put them into a care facility. Nanaimo has a glut of beds for people with the money to pay, but for those without savings or a good pension, publicly funded beds are limited.
Patients must be assessed for placement in a publicly funded residential care facility, but such housing is in such short supply family members might not want to put off having the assessment done as soon as possible.
Seniors who are hospitalized often get care faster, but leaving it that long puts stress on the patient, family members and the healthcare system.

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