Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ontario's Ombudsman: who is watching Hospital Law

The Ontairo Ombudsman already has the power to investigate many bodies of the government, including ministries. Here's a full list of what they can already investigate:but he was not able to oversee or investigate what is called the MUSH sector: Municipalities, Universities, Schools and Hospitals.

Bill 183 was ADDING the MUSH sector to the Ombudsman Act.
The hospital secrecy law (Bill 173 s.15) was passed in committee by five Liberal MPPs (two of whom were parliamentary assistants for Minister of Health Deb Matthews).

This law, which was introduced after lobbying by hospital and insurance companies, was an amendment to our freedom of information law (FIPPA). The amendment is a loophole that allows hospital CEOs to withhold information from public disclosure about hospital quality and "system failures."

If you live in Ontario, you are no longer entitled to this information unless the hospital wants to give it to you. Many groups and individuals tried to oppose it based on public interest and the Conservatives and NDP voted against it. But the Liberals pushed it through.

There is a lack of independent oversight of Ontario’s Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Children's Aid Societies, School Boards, Universities and Police by the Ombudsman. In order to send a message to your Ontario MPP, visit this link.

Ontario was the last province to put hospitals under freedom of information legislation. Ontario is the only province in Canada which doesn't give the provincial Ombudsman oversight over hospitals.

NDP and Conservatives voted in favour of Bill 183 but the Liberals voted against it. The bill failed.
The next Canada Health Accord may be another 10-year contract and it will determine what happens to public and private healthcare, what is included in medicare, and what strings are attached to ensure the quality, safety, transparency and accountability of our healthcare system to taxpayers.

NSGEU | 2014 Health Accord

The 2014 Health Accord is a negotiated agreement between the provincial, territorial ...had about health care in canada since Medicare was created," well known activst ... "If we don't offer our own narrative about the future of health care in this ... The Harper government has said it intends to provide similar funding to 2016.

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