Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bereaved Pediatric Caregivers Survey

Dr. Susan Cadell of the Manulife Centre for Healthy Livingat Wilfrid Laurier University, is heading a study involving bereaved parents or caregivers and the positive and negative aspects of the experience. The study's focus is on bereaved parents and/or family members of children who have died from a life-limiting illness and it is the continuation of a study that focused on the role of caregiving children with life-limiting illnesses. We are looking for bereaved mothers, fathers, step-, foster and/or grandparents. If you have not yet participated in the survey, you may call toll free line at 1-800-810-0721, where they will be given information about the study.  Following the call, those people who agree to participate will be mailed a questionnaire that takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours to complete.  This is a time lapse study, which means that the participants will be contacted approximately a year after the first questionnaire.

Participate in the survey by dialing: 1-800-810-0721, the deadline for the survey is April 15, 2012.

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