Saturday, February 4, 2012

The joys of crafting in LTC

He admires my window drawing!
We hoped we didn't get in trouble for it!
Why is it we remember the Valentine's Days gone wrong, rather than the good ones???!!! Rhetorical question. Our local school sent primary students with valentines for the residents. They made little paper plate pockets and each child made a valentine, with their photo on it for the residents. They hang them off of their walker handlebars, wheelchairs. It was so cute. Should've gotten a photo!

Unfortunately, for those in LTC, it is difficult living in an institution. With complex needs and co-morbidities, program directors must find it hard to come up with activities for the broad range of clients. That said, Wii is a big draw for many in LTC.

Some have physical issues: holding scissors, visual acuity, as well as the complex issue of dementia.

Painting with window crayons!
If you can find residents willing to attend an activity, how worthwhile is an activity that si creative for 5 people, 10 or 15?

I found the same thing in my classrooms. How do you devise a craft that all will be happy doing?
We designed this together!
Kay cannot paint anymore
due to vision challenges,
but we can craft together!
Making it open-ended is one solution. Gathering materials to provide a range of projects is ideal.

Some older men have never been interested in crafts, some women grive the loss of their faculties, and cannot do the quilting, sewing, painting they could do when vision and physical barriers did not exist.

Kay designed it, I did the hot glue gun for her.
Several ladies made these for their doors!
The other day I assisted several seniors doing a Valentine's Day door decoration.

Some could not manage knitting anymore, and found tying ribbon or wrapping metal around the wreath difficult due to arthritis or just lack of persistence.
We began with the wire frame, then added decorations. I find it best to shop for supplies after that holiday has passed and they are on sale. I squirrel them away until the next year!

Kay's art - sadly she cannot paint anymore
While we were working away, sad that several non-participants did not want to come to the activity room and try this, another was on the Wii!

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