Tuesday, January 17, 2012

U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to Doctors

U.S. to Force Drug Firms to Report Money Paid to Doctors


To head off medical conflicts of interest, the companies would be required to disclose what they pay doctors for research, consulting, speaking, travel and entertainment. In an introduction to the proposed rules, the Obama administration says that patients can benefit when doctors and the industry work together to develop life-saving drugs and devices. But, it said, these relationships can also “lead to conflicts of interests that may affect clinical decision-making” and “threaten the underlying integrity of the health care system.”

We know that US doctors practice medicine differently (PDF report) and that it influences the way they treat their patients, which medicines they prescribe.
The pharmaceuticals run the healthcare system in the US. With PM Harper, he's divesting himself of any standards of care in Canada.

With his laissez-faire plan, pharmaceuticals are going to jump in.
For years those with money for private healthcare, more than the 1%, perhaps the top 20%, are lobbying for a system like the US, where some can pay for private services. Others go without, eschew treatment, and suffer.

PM Harper has brought his western Canada, back-off government, right to bear arms attitude to healthcare. He's picking up the US-based Tea Party, libertarian attitudes which will undermine those of us who work hard to ensure that weak and poor get the healthcare they deserve.

Health Accord is About Who We Are as Canadians
VICTORIA, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Jan. 17, 2012) - The message was clear tonight at a packed Victoria town hall meeting on the 2014 health accord: the provinces and federal government must work together to negotiate a new health accord that reflects Canadian values and addresses growing spending on for-profit care.

Subsidies are for the rich, and welfare for Negroes and the poor, as Dr. Martin Luther King said*.
This is what is going to happen if the Canadian government allows two-tier healthcare.
Concierge healthcare, from out west, will only hurt those who cannot afford to pay doctors in private clinics.

It is an American-style healthcare, in which physicians limit their practice. The family of physicians work somewhat like Ontario's Family Health Team model, but without the free access to all. They limit the number of patients, and increase the time available for private patients, which reduces the number of physicians available for those without the extra $3000 to pay for a private physician.

For those in the Occupy movement, they have it right in this regard. This is where healthcare is headed under this current Canadian government. Two or three-tier.

*This quote is from a very hard-to-find talk that King gave to a group of fellow clergy in Miami in late '67 or '68. The title of the address is "To Minister to the Valley.

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