Sunday, January 22, 2012

Caregiving- some good reads

The importance of taking stock and taking care of yourself as caregiver, no matter the health issue, caregivers must look after themselves.

When Injuries to the Brain Tear at Hearts

It had been one year since a shooting at a Tucson supermarket killed six people, injured 12 others and left her with a severe brain injury. Ms. Giffords’s appearance was greeted by an enthusiastic crowd that applauded her remarkable progress toward recovery.

Why Your Brain Needs a Break

"You need more time to fix burnout," explains Joe Robinson, author of Work To Live: The Guide to Getting a Life. You have to be cut off from a stressor for a sufficient amount of time to give your mind and body a break. And you have to allow two weeks for your body to rebound.

Here are a couple of suggestions:
  • Target your passions and build your vacation around the things you like to do.
  • Wander. Yes, relearn how to explore and discover, with no other purpose.
  • Linger with a friend over dinner.
  • Put on your kid hat. Connect with play.

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