Sunday, November 6, 2011

Poison Ivy and contact dermatitis

biopsy on my belly, where it spread
I need a nurse to clip a single suture from a biopsy. Do I want to spend an hour in emergency for this? Haven't the guts to do it myself. I ended up doing so.

Verdict is in... poison ivy. Put the citiot in the country and see what happens!

First bout in the summer: July, 2011.

poison ivy rash = contact dermatitis
It took two months to percolate in my system.
It spread where ever the blisters opened.
I used cremes to stop the itching, pain killers to sleep.
It spread from arm to arm, then to my stomach, up my arms, down my belly and so on.

The full story;

  • 3 ER visits, 
  • 2 GP visits, 
  • 1 dermatologist, 
  • total 6 doctors, 
  • 3 nurses, (the first one, triage nurse, said poison ivy, but no one listened!)
  • 1 student Phys. Assistant-Ben Affleck-look-alike to do the biopsy, 
  • 2 cremes, 
  • 4 pain Rx. 
The worst is over. But it took months to hibernate in my system.

Delightfully spreading ivy; poison ivy patch
I mistakenly used the same gloves to stack wood, a month after the plants had died and I had touched some to remove them.
Here are the healthy plants close up!

Lesson learned!

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