Thursday, October 20, 2011

PSW wages in Ontario

UPDATE: Employment Stats for 2011(PDF) show grads of PSW program earned on average $31340 per year six months after grad.

Wages for PSWs range from $12.00 - $21.00 per hour, between several variables.
They vary within cities and towns, vary rural to urban, and they vary depending upon your employer.

Transfer Payment Agencies, especially the non-profits (e.g., VON, Red Cross), pay lower for PSWs who do Home Care. Long hours, I talked to one who did a shift starting at noon and he didn't finish until 10:30 p.m.

Lanark County Red Cross: $15.03.
Sarnia-Lambton VON home care pays $14.48 per hour, plus $0.39/km mileage.
If you work for an institution, e.g., long-term care (LTC) facility (most are for-profit!) you can make $18 - 20/hour.
Durham (east of Toronto) employees can make from $12 - 21.00/hr., the lower range is for Home Care, the higher paid PSWs work in LTC.
Windsor LTC pay starts at $18.05.
Northumberland County: in LTC. It is under CUPE union and they make $23.26 per hour top pay.
Wawa (in Central Ontario) LTC pays $24.98/hour.

Some PSWs are hired privately, by family members who want to supplement the care and increase support for a loved one. These are the fortunate families. CCACs Home First program will pay for extra support in order to allow a loved one to leave the hospital and manage at home. This support ends after 30 days.

It is an interesting job, but requires fortitude, adaptability, and initiative. You are often on your own, you seldom communicate with the other Home Care staff, as you visit the same client at different times.

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You may be required to change adult incontinence products, give a sponge bath, do light housework, such as laundry, a few dishes. Basically, the activities of daily living (ADLs) that a client is unable to do for themselves. Sometimes you are simply holding a hand, or giving respite to family members.

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