Sunday, October 2, 2011

Physicians and healthcare pros to watch out for

Manotick chiropractor fined over treatment of female patient
Ottawa Citizen - 1 day ago
Manotick chiropractor was ordered to attend a gender sensitivity course and to pay a $5000 fine in a disciplinary ruling made by the College.

Tell me that this is way more that being insensitive, and a sexual violation of this patient. Putting his hand down her underwear. She left the office feeling ashamed, and this isn't anything to do with gender, but violating her person.

What is bizarre, is that my former neighbour was arrested and convicted of molesting patients. We were living near Manotick, in North Gower. The man was working at Perth Hospital at the time, where we lie now.

This type of story just upsets me so much:  Punish the Nurse.
 When a nurse speak up in the nature of a whistle-blower, but gets in trouble. 
Then there is this old story.

Who is protecting patients?

Martin Gillen
 Not the College of Physicians if they grant this man his licence back.
He is tried to get back his licence to practice medicine, despite being convicted of molesting a patient.

This man is my former neighbour, his then-wife (now his ex-wife) babysat my sons. I recall talking Mr. and Mrs. Gillen one day as I picked up my children from their care. I was speaking of false accusations of abuse by teachers and he told me to my face that he understood about 'false accusations'. I didn't know the story at the time, as it hadn't hit the news. I was so shocked much later when I found out. By then we had moved away, thankfully. 
Their FAS, adoptive son was yelled at as much as my child. I heard the young boy went back to foster care when they couldn't manage his behaviour. This child dumped their horse manure onto our sand pile. Their dogs got loose and went after our kids. Their horses got out one night and were hit by a car. The wife claimed she couldn't manage, Gillen was out working, and sent one of her kids over so I could deal with the police and the veterinarian for her. I should have had a clue.
My son refused to go to their house the next year he was in 1/2 day kindergarten. I had to quit my 1/4 time teaching job to stay home half days with him and taught only half days. 

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