Wednesday, October 19, 2011

case study

I have an interesting new client. The son lives upstairs, mother downstairs with stroke, paralysis, vascular dementia.
He's been getting three CCAC people in per day, 7/week, an emergency situation and emergency funding, with the agreement that he place her on a LTC wait list. He declined to do so. I cannot imagine leaving her at home, in the reclining chair, all day while he works with strangers coming into his home.
The system is supporting him, but at what cost to someone who needs these services. He rants about the lack of services, yet imagine the expense of sending PSWs around to her home, miles out of town, to care for her. She has three visits each day, an hour each. Due to the lack of funds and personnel, they are withdrawing the noon, lunchtime visits on weekends. I have been asked to volunteer there on the weekend. I turned up, and so did a PSW from Red Cross. Then this man emerged from his suite, in his flannel pajamas, rubbing his eyes.

There are myths around long term care, and I cannot imagine leaving this woman alone all the time, let alone having her eat her lunch alone. She is angry, agitated, aggressive, and difficult to work with, especially on one's own.

I'm going to be going in to feed her on the weekend, i.e., take a sandwich out of frige, give her her meds, go with her as she goes to the toilet.
I hope to advocate on her behalf. she needs better care than this. Groups care is the most effective, and gives the most for tax payer dollars. She could well have a fall, and end up in hospital again. These are unsafe conditions. Rural placements are easier to find.

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