Wednesday, September 28, 2011

OLTCA Association no longer non-partisan

I am shocked at the lobbying for the PCs by OLTCA.

PCs promise to redevelopment homes, add beds
OLTCA applauding announcement

The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) is applauding Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak for promising to redevelop 35,000 long-term care beds and add new 5,000 beds where they are most needed if his party is elected to lead the provincial government.
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Hudak also promises to cut taxes. He cannot do both.
LTC resident playing Wii
He has little understanding about the healthcare system and while OLTCA continues to laud developments in LTC, this tearing down must stop. Hudak continually tears down the system claiming it is broken.

I would have hoped that OLTCA would not be partisan. Be careful what you wish for. If Hudak dismantles the LHINs there will be hell to pay. Like education, and the Harris years of cuts and amalgamation, we will lose in the long run.

Someone has to dispense healthcare dollars, and the LHINs do so. If the LHINs are dismantled, we will lose regional control of our system.

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